Handmade Virtual Workshop - March 2020

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I am so excited for you to join me for our second Handmade Virtual Workshop of 2020!  These 3 projects make great decor, are perfect for gift giving, or just a way to have fun being creative on your own, or with friends and family!  It's always important to me that you get the most out of your making, and this workshop kit doesn't disappoint!

During this workshop we’ll create:

  • a beaded stand, painted, distressed, and ready not only to hold the season's treasures, but become a part of your everyday decor!  The stand pictured is slightly smaller than the one we’ll be making. Your finished project will be almost 6 inches tall and 9 inches around. 
  • an 8"x14" pocket hanger, painted in a neutral tone, ready to spruce up for Easter, or bring something fresh to your day to day decorating. This item can be used as a leaner on a shelf, or hung on the wall. It does not include the greens so that you can choose what fits your own decor best. 
  • a set of coordinating chunky wood houses, adorned with soft floral patterns, and boasting a shabby feel - this set can be used as shown, or can be turned around to be used plain or embellished how you choose.  It's perfect for a shelf, three tier tray, or on top of the stand we make in the workshop!

The colors are neutral, with pops of on-trend mustard and blush, and they coordinate among the projects!

 After your purchase you will be sent a link to join our private Facebook group, where the live tutorials will take place.  (Please put your Facebook user name in the notes at checkout so we can verify your eligibility to join the group.)  Each project takes about 45 minutes to an hour, and will be completed LIVE in the Facebook group, one project per night on March 22nd, 24th and 30th.  Can’t be there live?  All of the videos will be available for replay at your convenience.  The fun part about a virtual workshop like this is that you can craft in your pjs if you want, (totally in the midst of a Netflix binge) but still chat in the comments, ask questions, and share your masterpieces!  Plus, you'll learn (or get to practice what you already know) several basic crafting techniques, such as:

  • creating a stand, from pieces to finished project
  • buffalo plaid "watercolor" painting technique
  • a decoupage technique like no other I've seen... careful, you're going to want to do it over and over!
  • creating a distressed finish to fabric
  • clever ways to add versatility to your projects so that your decor can be shifted through the seasons and holidays, rather than completely changed.  

You will be sent a box of supplies with just about everything you'll need for the three projects (see "Additional Supplies" below).  Everything is put together by project, super easy to find, and even labeled.  We hope that your enjoyment of this experience begins with opening the box! 

This workshop not only offers you a learning experience, but it also offers a great value!  If you were to gather the supplies for all of these projects, the cost would be far more than the price of this box!  We tried to make it easy on you to be able to try out some fun painting and crafting techniques without running around to find supplies, and having tons of leftovers.  If you find yourself wanting to make them over and over again, we've conveniently supplied you with a shopping list in your box, as well.  :)

***This is a single workshop kit.  If you are interested in our subscription, please go here:  

Subscribers received added bonus projects, value, discounts, and an invite to and exclusive VIP group.  

    It’s going to be fun creating with you!  I look forward to sharing my passion for making things and giving you inspiration and encouragement to do explore your own creativity!  I can’t wait to see the personal touches you add to your projects!

    Additional Supplies: 

    You’ll need to have a few additional things on hand to complete these projects, including – painter’s tape (any width will do),  a hot glue gun, paper plate (for paint), paper towels, baby wipes (A small travel size package will be more than enough, but the generic full size package typically costs only a few cents more, and they’re great to have around for clean up!), scissors, and an iron.  If you have a staple gun on hand, that would be great for our pocket hanger project.  If not, you'll need a hammer.  


    P.S.  Would you love to get some friends together for a night of creativity via virtual workshop? Contact me at indulge@purposefulindulgence.com for bulk-pricing details.