Flamingo Vegan Leather Teardrop Earrings

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These lightweight flamingo print vegan leather teardrop earrings are sure to be a hit at the pool, on the beach, or paired with your favorite tee while running errands!  They're made with hypoallergenic, nickel-free earring wires, and include clear stoppers.  

Large earring are approximately 2 inches long, while small are approximately 1.5 inches long. Pattern placement varies.

Please note:  We do not recommend using Vegan Leather Earrings for diffusing oils.  Essential oils are very concentrated, and could potentially break down the vegan leather material.  Please stick to genuine leather for use with essential oils.

Shipping:  All items are shipped USPS, and will be shipped within 2 business days.  For Local Pick up, you will be contacted regarding prearranged pick up dates and locations, or to make other arrangements.  

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