Genuine Leather Earring Set - Accessorize Your Way - Signature Collection

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This set of trendy, genuine leather earrings will change the way you think about accessorizing!  It features 3 styles, in 3 neutral colors, in 3 different textures of genuine leather, and includes 3 colors of hypo-allergenic nickel-free earring wires.  Did you get all that?  Let's break it down:

3 styles:  tear drop/rectangle/loop

3 neutral colors:  brown/black/blush

3 textures:  Brown:  embossed, firm, yet pliable/Black: smooth, firm and robust/Blush:  slight pebbled texture, very pliable

3 colors of metal:  yellow gold/silver/rose gold

The wires used on these earrings are not affixed.  They have a small ball at the end, which, when paired with the included clear backs, keeps your earring in place.  

In addition to a variety of choices, these earrings are made of genuine leather, which makes them great for adding a drop of your favorite essential oil to the back for diffusing on the go.  

With 9 different ways to pair the earring with the wires, you can customize your look to match your outfit, or your mood!  They are classic, yet trendy, and will surely have people asking you, "Where did you get those earrings? And, how do they smell so good?"

Sizes:  The brown embossed earrings are 2 inches long, the black are 2.25 inches long, and the blush are just about 1.25 inches long.  

CAUTION:  These earrings are not intended for children.  

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