Polka Dot Bunny Magnet - Kids Creativity Kit

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What could be cuter than a polka dot bunny?  This magnet is a simple project that will be adorable on your refrigerator, or perfect shared with a friend or neighbor as a springtime gift.

Just about all of the supplies are provided, however, you'll want to be sure to wear old clothes (the paint is Apple Barrell acrylic and will stain clothing), have a water cup and newspaper (or something to cover the work surface) handy.  

We recommend these projects for ages 5 and up, however, adult supervision and participation is necessary and encouraged.  Besides making a fun, creative craft, we want to give you an opportunity to make some memories, too!

There are small pieces in these kits, which may pose a choking hazard to little ones or pets, so please keep out of reach.