About Us

Welcome! We are so happy you've stopped by!  I am Alexis, owner, and creative maker here at Purposeful Indulgence.  My husband, Mr. Purposeful Indulgence, and I set out on this journey almost four years ago when he encouraged me to set out to make my dream of having a handmade shop come true!

In 2016, we opened Purposeful Indulgence, and over the years our product offerings have varied as I explored making and being an entrepreneur.  We've offered things for mom and baby, desk supplies and organizers, aprons, and accessories.  We are most known for our current product line, the Aromatherapy Heating Pad!

In August of 2019, our shop began to pivot.  We continue to offer our Aromatherapy products (Because we truly believe everyone needs an aromatherapy heating pad in their life!), but we now also offer home decor, DIY kits, and a bi-monthly Handmade Virtual Workshop.   As a creative soul, I felt drawn to exploring different mediums and changing seasons and trends, so we decided to take the leap and try something new.  

Why "Purposeful Indulgence"?  As a mom, wife, teacher, etc., I wear a lot of hats, and with that comes the need to remember to take some time to take care of myself.  Creativity is my outlet, but can feel indulgent when there's so many things to be done.  (Maybe you can relate?) So, here, we are purposefully indulgent, creating products that bring both comfort and joy.  It's important for us to allow our customers to feel as though they are treating themselves (or a family member or friend) to products that bring joy to their home, fulfill their need to be creative, or in the case of our aromatherapy heating pads, cozy comfort, thus adding purpose to a purchase that might otherwise feel indulgent.  

In addition to our shop, we have an active Facebook page where we offer live DIYs, tutorials, monthly DIY/BIY (buy it yourself) kits, and a fun place to hang out.

This journey has brought me so many blessings in the form of new friendships, wonderful relationships with customers, and a calling to simply make connections.  Mr. PI and I are eager to see where a new year and a new decade take us, and would love to have you join us on the adventure!

How can we connect?

Instagram @purposefulindulgence

Facebook PAGE: Purposeful Indulgence

Again, we are so happy you've stopped by, hope you take a moment to browse and do a little purposefully indulgent shopping, and connect with us!  

Happy New Year!





Our products can also be found here:

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